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UAVSAR will have its own session at the American Geophysical Union (AGU) Fall Meeting Dec 11-15. Come visit us!
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Last Flight Flown: PLAN_17126 (Nov 20, 2017)
L-band. Location: California
Last Image Released: SDelta_23519 (PolSAR)
L-band. Acquired Nov 14, 2017
Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta, CA
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NASA Working with Partners to Provide Harvey Response
The UAVSAR team is working in collaboration with Texas researchers and government to produce observations over rivers, flood plains and critical infrastructure.
NASA's Arctic Ecosystem Science Flights Begin
A NASA-led effort to advance our ability to monitor changing Arctic and boreal ecosystems has started its second season
NASA Data Show California's San Joaquin Valley Still Sinking
JPL scientists compared multiple satellite and airborne InSAR images of Earth's surface to produce maps showing how subsidence varies over space and time.