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Please note Call for Papers for "Results from 10 Years of UAVSAR Observations". Deadline is now December 31, 2020 and will be updated online soon.
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Last Flight Flown: PLAN_20024 (Sep 9, 2020)
L-band. Location: Santa Cruz
Last Image Released: SanAnd_31901 (PolSAR)
L-band. Acquired Sep 10, 2020
San Andreas Fault, CA
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New paper on landslide dynamics
New methods for integrating UAVSAR and satellite observations have produced 3D displacement maps with unprecedented amount of detail and shed light on the impact of rainfall.
Landslide Activity Ramps Up With Extreme Rainfall
The August 'EOS Editor Highlights' describes studies using UAVSAR observations to understand landslides in California
Drought then Deluge Turned a Stable Landslide into Disaster
For the first time, scientists have documented the transition of a stable, slow-moving landslide into a catastrophic collapse, showing how drought and extreme rains likely destabilized the slide