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Last Flight Flown: PLAN_18003 (Feb 9, 2018)
L-band. Location: California
Last Image Released: sanjac_14939 (InSAR)
L-band. Acquired Aug 31, 2017 & Sep 2, 2017
San Jacinto River, TX
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UAVSAR Shows Effects of Deadly California Debris Flows
Processed UAVSAR imagery show surface disruption caused by the debris flows following the Thomas Fire in Santa Barbara and Ventura counties.
New Maps Show Fault Line At Site Of 2014 Napa Earthquake
The California Geological Survey released official maps of seismic hazard zones. UAVSAR-derived motion maps were central for seismologists identifying and confirming fault lines.
NASA Working with Partners to Provide Harvey Response
The UAVSAR team is working in collaboration with Texas researchers and government to produce observations over rivers, flood plains and critical infrastructure.