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The Rosamond Corner Reflector Array (RCRA) is located near the south beach of Rosamond Dry Lake Bed, California, USA.

Instrument: Rosamond Calibration Array

Trihedral corner reflector sitting on the dry Rosamond lake bed
A typical 2.4-meter Rosamond trihedral corner reflector

The array consists of trihedral corner reflectors (CRs):



Mesh for the 2.4-meter corner reflectors
Large 4.8-meter corner reflector towers over the group of a dozen people who built it
Group photo after assembling a 4.8-meter corner reflector
Small 0.7-meter corner reflector rises just below the heights of the seven people who assembled it
Group photo after assembling the first 0.7-meter corner reflector


The coordinates listed here are in IGS14 Reference Frame. Please view a chronology of reference frames. The coordinates are expressed as WGS-84 geodetic latitude and height above the reference ellipsoid such that:

Furthermore the coordinates are referenced to epoch 1-Jul-2011 and modeled with approximately 2.4 cm/year of plate motion with an azimuth direction of 283°. Specifically the change in East, North, and Vertical is modeled as:

These rates are from the multi-year time series analysis of the permanent GPS monument located in Rosamond, CA. Please find further information here.

False-color radar image with showing how corner reflectors show up as bright white spots
L-band image of 350° heading corner reflectors

Accuracy & History

As of November 4, 2015, the location of the bottom vertex of CRs #04 through #12 and CRs #15 through #27 have been surveyed to an accuracy of 2 cm RMS. Several CRs on the west end of the array, specifically CRs #00, #01, #02, #03, #13, and #14 have yet to be surveyed to this accuracy and are believed to be known to around 10 cm RMS.

Due to excessive erosion in the lakebed, CRs #16 and #05 were moved in 2014. CR #16 was moved September 4, 2014 approximately 6.8 meters east of its old location and CR #05 was moved November 4, 2014.

During August 8, 2017 maintenance:

  1. Found two overturned CRs, #18 and #12.
  2. #12 was moved ~3 meters north and 2 meters west of its original location.
  3. #18 was moved ~ 1/4 meter north and ~3 meters west of its original location.
  4. Sloping elevations required re-adjusted tilts of CRs #11 and #01.

During December 21, 2017 maintenance:
  1. CRs #00 and #01 were re-aligned and small changes to their positions were necessary. The position of these CRs were remeasured.
  2. The position of CRs #02, #03, #13 were remeasured.
  3. Elevation tilts to all the 170 CRs were remeasured.
  4. As of this time, the position of CR #14 and #15 are still suspect (> 10 CMS), and the tilt of CR #17 is also suspect.

During June 27, 2018 maintenance:
  1. 0.7-meter CRs #29, #30, #32, #33, #35, #36 were installed on the Lake Bed. These CRs are all facing South to accommodate Ka-band calibration.
  2. Guy wires for CR #20 were re-secured to the ground.

During November, 2018 maintenance:
  1. Placed PARC at CR#17 location on November 1, 2018 and then repositioned 2.4-meter CR#17 15.6 meters West and 5.8 meters North of its prior location on November 7, 2018.
  2. Resurveyed 2.4-meter CR#01, CR#02, CR#03, CR#04, and CR#12.
  3. Removed 0.7-meter CR#33 from Rosamond Dry Lake Bed.

Next maintenance will be June 2019 to resurvey CR#00, CR#06, CR#07, CR#08 and replace CR#33.

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Corner Reflector (CR) Data

KMZ file of all CRs

Retrieve corner reflector data (latitude, longitude, orientation, etc) for a particular date. Data goes back to Jan 1, 2000. Output is a comma-separated values (CSV) file.

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