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The UAVSAR Workshop October 16, 2015 will be preceded by the NISAR Applications Workshop October 13-15, 2015 @ NASA Ames Research Center, California


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Last Flight Flown: PLAN_15150 (Oct 8, 2015)
L-band. Location: California
Last Image Released: BermsP_08106 (PolSAR)
P-band. Acquired Sep 22, 2015
BERMS, Canada
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NASA's OMG Mission Maps Greenland's Coastline
The Ka-band sensor GLISTIN-A will be part of a multi-instrument effort to study the impacts of rising temperatures in Greenland.

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California Drought Causing Valley Land to Sink
UAVSAR and other SAR instruments are used by JPL researchers to map ground subsidence in California's Central Valley.

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NASA Joins North Sea Oil Cleanup Training Exercise
UAVSAR participated for the first time in Norway's annual oil spill cleanup exercise in the North Sea on June 8 through 11.

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