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Last Flight Flown: PLAN_16051 (Apr 8, 2016)
L-band. Location: Colorado
Last Image Released: beaufo_19104 (PolSAR)
L-band. Acquired Oct 6, 2015
Beaufort Sea, AK
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NASA, Partner Space Agencies Measure Forests In Gabon
A contingent of NASA airborne instruments and scientists to study the dense African tropical forests in Gabon.

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NASA Radar Brings a New View of World Heritage Site
Airborne NASA synthetic aperture radar proved it could pinpoint areas of disturbance in Peru's Nasca lines World Heritage Site.

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NASA Study Improves Understanding of LA Quake Risks
A new NASA-led analysis of a moderate magnitude 5.1 earthquake that shook Greater Los Angeles in 2014 finds that the earthquake deformed the Earth's crust across a broad region.

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