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InSAR Product Quality Assurance (QA) and Selection

As a quality assurance measure, you must choose which method worked best to correct for relative aircraft motion between the two data takes used to form the interferogram. After you make the choice, the selected products will be archived and made available for download.

You will be presented with three choices:

  • Choice 1 - Product motion compensation is based on DGPS/INU data plus aircraft motion correction estimated from subpixel-level matching of the two processed SAR images (baseline corrected);
  • Choice 2 - Product motion compensation is based solely on DGPS/INU data (baseline not corrected). This is usually the desired methodology if large portions of the image decorrelate or if there is significant change between the images due to large-scale surface movement;
  • None - The interferogram or SLC data has no scientific value and should be deleted. You will be asked to specify a reason for rejection, i.e., errors in motion compensation, product latency, severe decorrelation.

To help you make this choice, we provide the following information:

Comparison Tab - KML files only
  • Interferograms (both choices)
  • Coherence images (both choices)
  • Image offsets in azimuth direction (both choices)
  • Image offsets in range direction (both choices)

InSAR Pairs Common Tab - KML files only
  • Amplitude image for track 1
  • Amplitude image for track 2
  • DEM used in processing
  • Processed polarimetric data from each track if available (may be downloaded)

SLC Stacks Common Tab - images only
  • Amplitude image for each track in the stack
  • DEM used in processing

QA Plots

You will have two weeks to QA the data and make your selection. If no selection has been made by the deadline, the processed data will be deleted and marked neglected.

After making your selection, an email will be sent with the download information. Only the selected product choice will be available to the public; the products for the other choice will only be accessible to the principal investigator (PI).

Contact us for more help.