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UAVSAR Web Flight Planning Tool

Welcome! You are now about to create a flight plan. Everyone is invited to use this tool. With registration, all your flight plan reports will be archived in your account.

Please view the UAVSAR Flight Planning Help for video tutorials and more information.

The next few steps, described below, will guide you through the process of making a preliminary flight plan. In order to have this flight plan flown, you will also need to have an approved flight request.

Screenshot of Choose Sensor page

Step 1: Choose Sensor & Aircraft

The first step of flight planning is to choose the sensor you desire to use. If you have submitted a flight request to SOFRS and it has been given an flight request ID, please select it.

Screenshot of Import page

Step 2: Import Flight Lines

The second step of flight planning is to import previously planned or flown lines, if desired. You may also link to a kml file for visualization while you are planning your lines.

Screenshot of Create Flight Plan page

Step 3: Create Flight Plan

The third step of flight planning is to construct your flight plan by choosing takeoff and landing airports, and inserting flight lines.

Screenshot of Flight Plan Report page

Step 4: Flight Plan Report

The last step is to create a flight plan report. This flight plan report is stored in your account.

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