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NISAR UAVSAR AM-PM Campaign Deployment (L-band)

Jun 6–Jul 16, 2019

This deployment is open to flight request submissions through the SOFRS page. If you need any assistance, please contact us.

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Southeastern United States

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The NISAR UAVSAR AM-PM campaign will collect radar data during a growing season in the Southeastern United States. The data will be acquired in approximately 12-day intervals over a series of alternating morning and afternoon flights. NISAR supports research for four main topics which include ecosystems, hydrology, natural hazards, and the cryosphere. This campaign aims to provide imagery and data for the ecosystem topic since this topic currently lacks proxy data. The proxy data collected during this campaign will guide the development of NISAR ecosystem science algorithms. This campaign not only advances NISAR pre-launch but also investigates the generation of science products possible after the launch of NISAR in 2022.


  • Ellington Field (Houston, USA)

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  • Chapman, B., Siqueira, P., Saatchi, S., Simard, M. Kellndorfer, J. (2019). Initial results from the 2019 NISAR Ecosystem Cal/Val Exercise in the SE USA. Geoscience and Remote Sensing (IGARSS), IEEE International Symposium, Yokohama, Japan
    Paper / Peer-reviewed

  • Kraatz S., Rose S.R, Cosh M.H, and Siqueira P."NISAR UAVSAR AM-PM Campaign: An evaluation of UAVSAR L-Band Radar Over Agricultural and Forested Areas for Crop Identification and Biomass Estimation", AGU Fall Meeting, San Francisco, USA, 2019

  • Marco Lavalle, Unmesh Khati, Gustavo Shiroma, and Bruce Chapman (2020). Assessment of PolSAR and InSAR Time-Series from the 2019 NASA AM-PM Campaign for Above-Ground Biomass Estimation. Geoscience and Remote Sensing (IGARSS), IEEE International Symposium.
    Abstract / Peer-reviewed